Friday, 30 December 2016

Kidney Disease Treatment in Chennai

Kidneys are one of the main organs of our body which are responsible for the filtration of wastes from blood in the form of urine, balancing the body fluids. Every human being will have a pair of kidneys which are small organs the size of a fist and are responsible for the purification of unwanted materials present in the body.
Most of the kidney diseases will attack nephrons present in the kidney, which results in damage of kidneys affecting their functionality. Most of the kidney diseases occur due to nephron damage but there are some kidney diseases which causes due to genetic issues, medicinal reactions, and injuries. People suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are at a high risk of getting kidney diseases.
There is a huge list of kidney Related Diseases ranging from curable to non-curable diseases. Among all, there are some major diseases related to kidneys based on the severity and type of the disease. Some of the major kidney related diseases are grouped as cancer, stones, cysts, and infection related. Some of the major kidney related diseases include kidney stones, cyst formation inside the kidneys, and cancers related to different internal parts of the kidney.

Small pebbles or solid masses formed by salt crystals and minerals in the kidney are termed as kidney stones. In general, kidney stones are formed different sizes. Based on the size, they can be treated through medication or surgery if they are not possible to treat using medication.
Kidney stones are classified into many types based on the cause by which they are formed. They are uric acid stones formed when urine is highly acidic, cysteine stones formed due to the high amount of cysteine present in urine, calcium stones formed by calcium phosphate or oxalate and are a most common form of crystals formed in the kidneys and struvite stones formed by an infection caused in kidneys.
In general, kidney cancer is initiated in the cells present in the kidney. Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) and Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) are the most common types of kidney cancer which can be easily diagnosed conducting a blood test, urine test, CT scan, MRI scan etc. If cancer is at an early stage, it can be treated with medication and if it is at the severe stage, laser treatment is preferable. 

SIIUT provides high quality and most affordable urology services. It offers best Treatment for kidney Diseases in Chennai with help of dedicated team.

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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Kidney Cancer Treatment in Chennai

There are numerous types of cancer which are classified based on the parts in which they occur on the human body and levels of severity based on the patient’s medical history. In short, sometimes the scientific name of different types of cancer are just abbreviated as ‘cancer’ by prefixing the body part to denote such as the body part  prior to which it caused like lung cancer, kidney cancer etc. Kidney cancer, in general, originates  type of cancer one attacks kidneys of a human body. In general, cancer starts  in the cells present in the kidney. Nowadays, cases of kidney cancer  are increasing rapidly due to multiple reasons. Among all, the main reasons for kidney cancer are the imaging techniques such as Computerized Tomography (CT) scan and other scans, if a person is subjected to these often. If a human body is subjected to these tests frequently, the scope of kidneys getting affected is high.

Whatever may be the reason, cancer should be treated immediately at an early stage to avoid further consequences. It bears the same level of cruciality as with other organs infected by cancer,  the case of kidneys as well because if not treated on time, it may spread further to other body parts. In order to treat immediately, it is necessary to detect the type of cancer one is dealing with. 

Kidney Cancer is mainly classified into
  • TCC - Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the renal pelvis
  • RCC – Renal Cell Carcinoma
Both types of kidney cancer may be caused due to several reasons and may develop in various ways, which clearly implies that these types of cancer have long outcomes and are grouped to different stages with different suggestible treatment for each stage.

Transitional cell carcinoma is a common type of kidney cancer which mainly occurs in the parts of the urinary system like kidney, urinary bladder, and other accessory organs. It is termed as the regular type of bladder cancer and cancer of the ureter, urachus, and the urethra. In general, this type of cancer is mainly caused due to smoking, frequent exposure to chemicals such as industrial dyes, rubber, pesticides, plastic, aluminum, etc. Frequent urination, back pain, blood in the urine, weight loss, and anemia are the common symptoms seen in humans affected by this type of cancer.

Hypernephroma is another name of renal cell carcinoma which is a common type of kidney cancer that occurs from the inside layer of the proximal convoluted tubule which is a part of the small sized tubes located in the kidney. These are responsible for transferring the waste materials from the blood to urine. This type of cancer is mostly seen in adults. If not treated on time, it may spread further to lymph nodes, lungs, adrenal glands, liver, bones, and brain. Renal cell carcinoma is the main initiative for almost 80% of primary renal cancers.

Both RCC and TCC can be diagnosed by conducting some tests which include urine test, blood test, CT scan, renal arteriogram, intravenous pyelogram, retrograde pyelogram, ureteroscopy, and MRI scan.
There is no fixed prevention for kidney cancer but one can take some precautions to avoid it like giving up smoking, maintaining a healthy weight, frequently monitoring blood pressure, and avoiding frequent exposure to chemicals leading to kidney cancer. 

Siiut is the best choice for Kidney Cancer Treatment in Chennai owing to the army of experienced doctors present there who are equipped with the right expertise to treat such dreadful diseases.
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Sunday, 23 October 2016

Urology Care in Chennai

You would have been wondering about what “This too shall pass”, Read further to see a solution. 

What is Urology? 
Urology is also known as genitourinary surgery, is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs.
Whenever you have a urology problem, you need to take an action as soon as possible to avoid complications. At that time, it is your responsibility towards your health to choose an expert urologist. 

SIIUT - Urology Hospital Chennai provides high quality and most affordable urology services with expert Urologists. Bladder stones are small and hard masses of mineral deposits such as calcium (or) magnesium that can form in the bladder. It develops when the urine becomes concentrated and causes urine to crystallize

What are the Symptoms? 
When a stone irritates the walls of the bladder (or) blocks the urine flow, signs and symptoms can develop. 
* Pain in lower abdomen 
* Abnormal or cloudy dark-colored urine 
* Painful or frequent urination 
* In men, pain or discomfort in the penis 
* Blood in your urine 
* Slow onset of urination 

What are the Causes? 
Bladder stones generally begin when your bladder doesn’t empty completely. The most common causes of the bladder stones include Prostate enlargement, neurogenic bladder, Kidney stones, Inflammation and Cystocele.

Diagnosis? How it involves? 
The Diagnosis of bladder stones may involve- 
* physical examination, 
* urine test for microscopic amount of blood, 
* bacteria and crystallized minerals, 
* X-ray of your kidneys, ureters, and bladder helps doctor to find out whether stones are there in your    urinary system. 
* Increase your daily fluid intake 2-3 liters to lower the concentration of urine, 
* regularly empty your bladder 
* Avoid constipation (laxatives are preferable) 

These are the basic measures recommended to prevent bladder stone formation. Patients can acquire High-Quality Urological Treatments and services at affordable price.  Return early to normal life and work with us.

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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Benign Prostate Hyperplasia Treatment in Chennai

Do you have difficulty in urinating ? Do you feel like going at a certain interval? This could be the symptoms of Benign Prostate Hyperplasia . SIIUT (South Indian Institute For Urology and Transplant)  offers best Benign Prostate Hyperplasia or BPH Treatment in Chennai.

Benign prostate hyperplasia or benign prostatic hypertrophy is a condition in which prostate gland in men gets enlarged. The gland which surrounds urethra, the passage that carries urine out of the body. As this gland enlarges urethra become narrow and cause problems with urinating. As many fears, this is not a cancerous growth but  is common among aging men.

BPH usually does not do severe damages for the body but cause difficulties for the affected person. The major causes are hormonal imbalance, cell growth, food, environment and certain genetic factors.
The major symptoms are as follows:
  • Even after urinating patient will have a feeling that the bladder is full
  • Limited urine flow
  • Taking excess strain to urinate
  • Pain while urinating
  • Feeling to stop and urinate several times a day
How can we detect and prevent it?
By conducting a series of tests like Urinalysis, PSA blood test, Cystoscopy, Uroflowmetry, Ultrasound, Urodynamic pressure test find out the presence of various BPH symptoms. We cannot completely prevent it but can reduce its intensity by limiting the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, medicines that make urination difficult like antihistamines, decongestants, and allergy pills etc.  
The team of doctors in SUIIT who are dedicated and have years of experience  will ensure the Best Treatment for Enlarged Prostate.

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Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Treatment for Prostate Cancer

Prostate Cancer

Prostate is a gland in the male reproductive system. Cancer Cells start to grow in this gland. And this type of cancer is termed as Prostate Cancer. It is one of the leading cause of cancer death among men. These cancer are slowly growing. These cancers can be successfully treated. Drugs like dutasteride and finasteride can prevent prostate cancer.

What are the Symptoms of Prostate Cancer ??
  • Urinate more often by the patients
  • Weakness in the leg
  • Blood in the urine
  • He may find it hard to keep urinating once he has started
  • He may find it hard to start urinating
  • Maintaining or achieving an erection may be difficult
  • Patients getting up at night for urination
  • Bone pain, often in the spine, pelvis or ribs.
  • Urination will be painful

Causes of prostate cancer :
  • Age
  • Smoking
  • Family history
  • Eating more calories and fat

Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) and Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) test are used  for screening the prostate cancer. Biopsy is the main method used to make sure that individual have cancer in prostate gland.

Radical prostatectomy and open prostatectomy are the two Treatments for Prostate Cancer.
For grabbing the Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer in India, walk into South Indian Institute for Urology and Transplant.

We provide integrated healthcare service for the better management of health of individuals

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Monday, 27 June 2016


Do you feel pain and redness in penis ?? if your answer is yes, then you are under the shade of penile cancer. Foul smell discharge from penis, bleeding from under the foreskin or from penis, change of color in the penis are the other Symptoms of Penile Cancer. The condition where growth of cancer cells found on the tissue of the penis or on the skin is named it as Penile Cancer. Don't be panic, there are Treatments Available for Penile Cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy include in this list. 

Types of penile cancer : 


1) Merkel-cell carcinoma (MCC) :-
Merkel-cell carcinoma is a destructive and rare skin cancer. MCC is caused by MCV virus (Merkel cell polyomavirus). Disclosure to UV rays, artificial light developed by the tanning beds also causes MCC.
2) Melanomas :- 
Basically it occur in the skin. By avoiding sunscreen and UV rays, melanomas can be prevented.
3) Small-cell carcinoma :- 
Commonly occur in lungs. It has higher growth fraction and doubling time is shorter.
4) Squamous cell :- 
It is the plane type of skin cells, where most penile cancer starts. It actually grows very slowly. AIDS mainly leads to penile cancer. 

What are the causes for penile cancer???

  • Using tobacco products
  • Poor personal cleanliness
  • More sexual partners
  • Being aged (60 or older)

Preventions :

  • Quit smoking
  • Wash the penis and foreskin with the water
  • Removal of the foreskin during childhood
  • Avoid soap with hard ingredients
Many procedures are used for diagnosing penile cancer which include CT scan, MRI scan and biopsy.
South Indian Institute for Urology and Transplant located at Chennai city provides the best Penile Cancer Treatment.

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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Chennai

Prostate is an exocrine gland found in the reproductive system of males. It is located between the bladder and the penis that helps make semen, the fluid that contains sperm. The size of prostate gland in young man is about the size of a walnut. It grows slowly in size with age. If it gets too large, it can cause problems. Prostate troubles are commonly seen after the age of 50. 

Prostate Cancer is a condition where the cells in the prostate gland start to grow uncontrollably. It is a slow progressing disease which only affects men. Several studies shows that about 80% of all men in their seventies had prostate cancer - it is only know when an autopsy is done. 

Prostate Cancer Treatment in Chennai

Signs and Symptoms of Prostate Cancer :-

Prostate cancer doesn’t shows any symptoms during the early stages. Enlarge of prostate gland shows symptoms like
  • Presence of blood in urine
  • Find it hard while urinating
  • Patients urinates more often
  • Ejaculation may be painful
The symptoms like bone pain often in vertebrae, ribs or pelvis, leg weakness, urinary incontinence are also possible if the prostate cancer is advanced.

Prostate cancer can be caused by number of reasons. Some of them includes
  • Genetics - Family history increases the risk of prostate cancer
  • Age - Age has a significant role in prostate cancer. Older a man is, higher the risk.
  • Smoking - Heavy smokers have a higher chance for prostate cancer
  • Obesity - Obesity has a clear link with prostate cancer. Obese persons has a high chance for prostate cancer.
Diagnosis and Treatment Procedure :-

Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA), Digital Rectal Examination (DRE), Biopsy methods are commonly used for diagnosing prostate cancer. Prostate cancer can be prevented by eating right foods, regular exercises and avoiding smoking habit. Some drugs like dutasteride, finasteride also prevent prostate cancer.

Madras Urology and Transplant Experts offers advanced and sophisticated Prostate Cancer Treatment in Chennai. Patients can acquire high quality treatments and services at affordable price. 

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