Thursday, 16 March 2017

Take Care Of Your Kidney...

When the kidneys get diseased, they lose the ability to function normally leading to a condition known as ESRD (End-Stage Renal Disease) or kidney failure. Kidney failure treatment mainly involves an attempt to revive its functioning ability through dialysis or transplant. The treatment depends on the underlying cause and intensity of the disease.

Kidney failure may also brings with it a horde of other diseases such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anaemia and weak bones. Along with kidney failure treatment, medicines to keep the above-mentioned diseases under control, are also administered.

The usual treatment options for kidney failure includes kidney transplant and dialysis.

  • Dialysis

Dialysis helps in artificial removal of extra fluids and waste products from blood, which are the functions of kidney. The different procedure of dialysis helps in draining the waste with the help of machine or by dialysis solution filled in abdominal cavity with the help of a catheter. This solution is drained off with time. The number and frequency of dialysis treatment depends upon the degree of kidney failure.

A kidney transplant is usually done through a live organ donation. It involves the surgical placement of a healthy kidney from the donor in place of the diseased kidney of the patient. The patient needs lifelong medication to prevent organ rejection from the body. The recovery time depends on the overall health of the patient.

With a vision to offer integrated healthcare services for the better health of patients SIIUT (South India Institute of Urology Transplant), Chennai, India, offers advance urology treatment options at affordable cost. The centre specialises in treatments for urinary bladder, ureters, male reproductive organ and urethra. They specialise in kidney failure treatment as well. A state of the art infrastructure ad safe standards of innovative technology makes SIIUT one of the best urology treatment centres globally.

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