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Do you feel pain and redness in penis ?? if your answer is yes, then you are under the shade of penile cancer. Foul smell discharge from penis, bleeding from under the foreskin or from penis, change of color in the penis are the other Symptoms of Penile Cancer. The condition where growth of cancer cells found on the tissue of the penis or on the skin is named it as Penile Cancer. Don't be panic, there are Treatments Available for Penile Cancer. Surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy include in this list. 

Types of penile cancer : 


1) Merkel-cell carcinoma (MCC) :-
Merkel-cell carcinoma is a destructive and rare skin cancer. MCC is caused by MCV virus (Merkel cell polyomavirus). Disclosure to UV rays, artificial light developed by the tanning beds also causes MCC.
2) Melanomas :- 
Basically it occur in the skin. By avoiding sunscreen and UV rays, melanomas can be prevented.
3) Small-cell carcinoma :- 
Commonly occur in lungs. It has higher growth fraction and doubling time is shorter.
4) Squamous cell :- 
It is the plane type of skin cells, where most penile cancer starts. It actually grows very slowly. AIDS mainly leads to penile cancer. 

What are the causes for penile cancer???

  • Using tobacco products
  • Poor personal cleanliness
  • More sexual partners
  • Being aged (60 or older)

Preventions :

  • Quit smoking
  • Wash the penis and foreskin with the water
  • Removal of the foreskin during childhood
  • Avoid soap with hard ingredients
Many procedures are used for diagnosing penile cancer which include CT scan, MRI scan and biopsy.
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