Thursday, 26 July 2018

Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy : Bid Goodbye To Large Kidney Stones

Have you ever felt intense recurring pain in your back or belly that gets worsened during specific hours of the day? Have you felt burning sensation and intense pain during urination? Hold on before you ignore these signs and symptoms. These can be indications of kidney stones.

Kidney stones or nephrolithiasis is a treatable medical condition where many mineral clumps accumulate on the different parts of the kidney. This restricts easy flow of urine formation procedure, causing many nephrological issues. So, it is of prime importance to clear these away from the urinary system of the body so as to ensure healthy life cycles. Kidney stones can be removed by different methods.

South Indian Institute for Urology and Transplant (SIIUT), the best in kidney stone treatment in Tamil Nadu has been a trusted name in the medical field when it comes to the department of urology and related issues. PERCUTANEOUS NEPHROLITHOTOMY is one of the important methods of treatments that we undertake for removing kidney stones that are quite large(>2cm diameter). Percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) is used for the circumstances when the stones are large in size and number, scattered over a large surface area.


After the patient had been prepared for the surgery after anaesthesia, a 1cm incision is made on the kidney so as to pass the tube into the kidney to perform the stone removal. X-Ray imaging is used to assist the entry of the tube.

The procedure is minimally invasive which can be done by a keyhole surgery which radically decreases the chances of causing infections after the surgery. It also decreases the recovery time needed.

We, at SIIUT, have our eminent array of doctors who get to understand each and every need of the patient, thereby rendering the best service they could ever get aiding fast recovery. We have the best of its kind, the machinery and the technicians to operate the same to provide the best quality in the treatment that we offer. Being the best urologist in Chennai, we bring to you, the relief you’ve always wanted to bring your lost smile back on your face!

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