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Urology Care in Chennai

You would have been wondering about what “This too shall pass”, Read further to see a solution. 

What is Urology? 
Urology is also known as genitourinary surgery, is the branch of medicine that focuses on surgical and medical diseases of the male and female urinary tract system and the male reproductive organs.
Whenever you have a urology problem, you need to take an action as soon as possible to avoid complications. At that time, it is your responsibility towards your health to choose an expert urologist. 

SIIUT - Urology Hospital Chennai provides high quality and most affordable urology services with expert Urologists. Bladder stones are small and hard masses of mineral deposits such as calcium (or) magnesium that can form in the bladder. It develops when the urine becomes concentrated and causes urine to crystallize

What are the Symptoms? 
When a stone irritates the walls of the bladder (or) blocks the urine flow, signs and symptoms can develop. 
* Pain in lower abdomen 
* Abnormal or cloudy dark-colored urine 
* Painful or frequent urination 
* In men, pain or discomfort in the penis 
* Blood in your urine 
* Slow onset of urination 

What are the Causes? 
Bladder stones generally begin when your bladder doesn’t empty completely. The most common causes of the bladder stones include Prostate enlargement, neurogenic bladder, Kidney stones, Inflammation and Cystocele.

Diagnosis? How it involves? 
The Diagnosis of bladder stones may involve- 
* physical examination, 
* urine test for microscopic amount of blood, 
* bacteria and crystallized minerals, 
* X-ray of your kidneys, ureters, and bladder helps doctor to find out whether stones are there in your    urinary system. 
* Increase your daily fluid intake 2-3 liters to lower the concentration of urine, 
* regularly empty your bladder 
* Avoid constipation (laxatives are preferable) 

These are the basic measures recommended to prevent bladder stone formation. Patients can acquire High-Quality Urological Treatments and services at affordable price.  Return early to normal life and work with us.

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