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Kidney Disease Treatment in Chennai

Kidneys are one of the main organs of our body which are responsible for the filtration of wastes from blood in the form of urine, balancing the body fluids. Every human being will have a pair of kidneys which are small organs the size of a fist and are responsible for the purification of unwanted materials present in the body.
Most of the kidney diseases will attack nephrons present in the kidney, which results in damage of kidneys affecting their functionality. Most of the kidney diseases occur due to nephron damage but there are some kidney diseases which causes due to genetic issues, medicinal reactions, and injuries. People suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure are at a high risk of getting kidney diseases.
There is a huge list of kidney Related Diseases ranging from curable to non-curable diseases. Among all, there are some major diseases related to kidneys based on the severity and type of the disease. Some of the major kidney related diseases are grouped as cancer, stones, cysts, and infection related. Some of the major kidney related diseases include kidney stones, cyst formation inside the kidneys, and cancers related to different internal parts of the kidney.

Small pebbles or solid masses formed by salt crystals and minerals in the kidney are termed as kidney stones. In general, kidney stones are formed different sizes. Based on the size, they can be treated through medication or surgery if they are not possible to treat using medication.
Kidney stones are classified into many types based on the cause by which they are formed. They are uric acid stones formed when urine is highly acidic, cysteine stones formed due to the high amount of cysteine present in urine, calcium stones formed by calcium phosphate or oxalate and are a most common form of crystals formed in the kidneys and struvite stones formed by an infection caused in kidneys.
In general, kidney cancer is initiated in the cells present in the kidney. Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC) and Transitional Cell Carcinoma (TCC) are the most common types of kidney cancer which can be easily diagnosed conducting a blood test, urine test, CT scan, MRI scan etc. If cancer is at an early stage, it can be treated with medication and if it is at the severe stage, laser treatment is preferable. 

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